Read the Wellmark Rate Increase Application Documents

View the rate increase application submited to the Iowa Insurance Division by Wellmark at the link below.  The application includes the data provided to support the requested rate increase.

Wellmark Rate Increase Application


5 Responses to “Read the Wellmark Rate Increase Application Documents”

  1. Alyssa H. Says:

    Please do NOT increase our insurance premiums. I haven’t had a raise in over three years, the cost of living keeps going up but my pay stays the same. Its hard to pay for our basic necessities in life like food and keeping a roof over our head. I feel like I’m being robbed. PLEASE PLEASE deny this request for another rate increase. I won’t be able to afford insurance then Wellmark won’t get a dime from me then. Wouldn’t they rather get $200.00 dollars out of each month than nothing at all?

  2. Beth Randall Says:

    Please, please do not increase insurance premiums. I am a self employed, self insured person and a rate increase is just not called for at this time. I personally have no large claims and yet I keep being asked to pay more and more each year. With yet another increase I will be forced to shop for a different plan with another company.

    Give your customers a break, at least for one more year. Perhaps Wellmark could give up some of their marketing, and promotional dollars just to save each customer their 10.80 %. Mail out less collateral materials. Send everything via email. Hire less nurses to take and make calls. There really has to be somewhere else the 10% could be found. Really, please don’t raise these rates.

  3. Linda Willaredt Says:

    I am writing to protest yet another increase in premiums. A significant cost increase was approved by this commission less than one year previous. Wellmark has made a joke of any attempt to control costs. Since these highly paid executives and managers can’t concieve of budgetary restraint, here are a few suggestions from a consumer:

    1) Why do you mail out a statement every single time I purchase a prescription? This could be consolidated into once a month or every other month.

    2) Why do you do so much advertising? How does this benefit the consumer?

    3) How much are your top executives salaries? Are there possible savings here?

    These continual rate increases are placing health care out of reach of the average citizen. Our incomes are not increasing and yet our health care costs increase at exorbitant rates. I cannot afford to access the prescriptions that are prescribed by my physician now and your proposed increase will exacerbate my problem.
    The cynical and repeated requests for increases to health care premiums must be denied. This is inhumane, irresponsible and lethal.

    Commission members, please restrain this madness. People are perishing as a result of this gross irresponsibility.

    Linda Willaredt
    Davenport, Iowa

  4. Becky B******** Says:

    Please, please put a stop to this increase in yet another premium. My husband is disabled and I currently work 3 jobs just to make ends meet. No insurance is provided for me at any of my jobs, so I am on my own. We are struggling to make our monthly bills now and another increase would probably force me into not having any health insurance. I have not received a raise for over a year at any of my jobs because of the economy.
    If Wellmark needs some help in finding ways to cut corners, as we ‘normal’ people do every single month, perhaps they should contact some of us and we could probably help them find several options, instead of the easy way out of just raising premiums. None of us has that option when we can’t quite meet our monthly bills. There is no where else to grab some extra money.
    Please reconsider another increase in our premium. We literally just cannot afford another raise.
    Thank you for your time.
    Becky B

  5. Roland Rothfus Says:

    First off no one should be paid $2 million + a year in wages!
    1. Have other insurance companies serving Iowa raised their rates by 30% in the last two years?
    2. The cost of living for Social security has not risen in the past two years.
    3. Has Wellmark renegotiated their set amount for services to a higher rate?
    4. Is the rate increase only on the individual, so Wellmark can stay competitive on their corporate group rates? I do not understand why the cost of individual claims would be rising faster than corporate group, we are the chosen. With corporate group Wellmark must accept all. It is very hard for an individual to change insurance providers. Corporate only cares about cost.
    5. The only ones who care about a rate increase is the one paying the premium. Doctors and hospitals do not care. Any cost will be paid by the insurance company. The insurance company doesn’t care because then they can justify a premium increase. Why does the insurance company like a premium increase? They say we are not collecting any more. Our profit margin is still 1% just as before. The result is with higher premiums, that 1% amount increases as well. What is the need for more profit dollars to a mutual insurance company?
    6. The new building is not being paid for with premium dollars. If the only true income for Wellmark is premiums and the premium dollars are invested for a profit and this is the money used to build this new building it still premium dollars. The money could have been used to contain the premium increase.

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