Read the Dec. 18, 2010 Wellmark Rate Increase Public Hearing Transcript

18 Dec 2010 Wellmark Public Hearing Transcript


2 Responses to “Read the Dec. 18, 2010 Wellmark Rate Increase Public Hearing Transcript”

  1. lolar Says:

    This can’t continue, the system is broken and has to be fixed. People can’t afford health insurance and more are dropping every rate increase.
    Please don’t let BCBS keep doing this, health costs have to be brought into line. Fix the problem, or BCBS will be back next year with their next rate increase.

    My husband has been self-employed for over 20 years, and I work where there is no coverage. There were many years our health insurance cost us over $10,000 a year. Its no wonder we had no money for our children’s college education, we used it to pay our health insurance premium. The kids are gone now and with our new increase our premiums are close to $800.00 a month. Gosh I can only hope I live to get Medicare…..

  2. Teri Says:

    Thank you for posting this. It’s amazing. I had no idea Wellmark had such a sweet deal in Iowa. It didn’t look like Voss knew what she should and it seems that Iowa has fumbled. Let’s open up the books. They’ve been rubber-stamped long enough.

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