Agenda for Proposed Rate Increase Public Hearing

Wellmark Hearing Agenda


2 Responses to “Agenda for Proposed Rate Increase Public Hearing”

  1. Thomas P. Gardner Says:

    I agree 100% with my representative, Jerry Kearns. After Wellmark raised rates 18% without any public input last year, he voted to hold insurance companies accountable and provide more transparency for consumers on health insurance plans and premiums. He supported the legislation because he believes middle class families and small businesses deserve to know the specific reasons why their insurance rates are rising so dramatically every year. He has also said that we deserve more warning and an opportunity to voice our concerns before rate increases take effect. In these tough times, every additional nickel that Wellmark says it should be getting must be backed up with detailed, clear explanations of need–and the economic difficulties that Iowans are facing should be shared on on a fair and equivalent basis.

  2. Cheryl Duke Says:

    I agree with Thomas Gardner. A detailed back up explanation should be sent to all who will be affected and reasonable inflation costs requested.

    If people in these hard times are getting no raises or little increases in their pay, then Blue Cross should not be able to raise rates higher than inflation rates.

    In my opinion they should not raise the rates at this time.

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