Read the Actuarial Opinions for Wellmark’s Proposed 2011 Increase

THE INSURANCE DIVISION ACTUARIAL REVIEW:  The Iowa Insurance Division maintains departmental actuaries to assist the Commissioner of Insurance in reviewing rate increase applications.  Click here to read the Iowa Insurance Division’s actuaries report to the Commissioner:  Insurance Division Reivew 4-1-1_2011 Wellmark Rate Filing

THE INDEPENDENT REVIEW:  By Executive Order, all health insurance rate increases are subject to independent actuarial review, before a decision is made on a rate application.  This review is completely separate from the departmental review of proposed rate increase applications.    The independent actuaries, Lewis and Ellis Inc., only work for government agencies (never insurance companies due to conflicts of interests) and are located out of state.  Click here to review the Independent Review LE Report – Wellmark 2011 .


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