Golden Rule 2013 Proposed Rate Increase

As of November 28, 2012, Golden Rule Insurance, a UnitedHealthCare company, requested permission to raise individual health insurance base premiums by 15% in 2013.  The proposed increase for 2013 is subject to a minimum of 45 days consumer notification and a public hearing on in order to allow interested parties to comment on the request.  All comments should be submitted to the Consumer Advocate.  Electronic comments may be posted in the comment link below or emailed to .  Letters may be mail to 330 Maple Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50319.  Faxed comments may be sent to 515-281-3059.  All comments received will be considered part of the public record and will be submitted to the Commissioner of Insurance along with the comments from the public hearing for consideration before a final decision is made regarding Golden Rule’s request.

A public hearing before the Commissioner of Insurance will be held on January 12, 2013 at 11 am.  Consumers wishing to participate in the public hearing before the Commissioner may do so at:

  • Council Bluffs:  Iowa Western Community College, 2700 College Rd., Looft Hall, Rm #024
  • Cedar Rapids:  Kirkwood Community College, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Linn Hall, Rm # 2184
  • Spencer:  Spencer Public Library, 21 E. 3rd Street, ICN Room
  • Des Moines:  Mercy college of Health Sciences, 928 6th Ave., Sullivan Center, Rm # 210

All documents related to Golden Rule’s request can be found below:

Application for Rate Increase Golden Rule_2013

2013 Golden Rule Insurance Proposed Rate Increase Report on Public Testimony and Comments

Golden Rule Insurance Proposed Rate Increase Hearing Transcript

Golden Rule 2013 Decision

Comments regarding Golden Rule’s request maybe additionally submitted below:


7 Responses to “Golden Rule 2013 Proposed Rate Increase”

  1. iainsuranceca Says:

    Dear Sir, I can’t attend any of the proposed meetings so I’m writing to you. I was notified by mail this week about a proposed rate hike in base premiums from Golden Rule. I don’t believe that all of the mentioned causes in the letter hold much weight. If that were the case then my, and others, wages would be affected the same way or anything else for that matter. Wish they were, then I could keep pace with bills. My wife has been on Golden Rule for about 2 years. We were paying $119 a month at start until this year when we had a $30 premium hike. Thats a 25% increase already and now they want another 15%. I think this is wrong and merely to keep their profits increasing to keep their share holders happy and for the Golden Rule board of directors to pocket more $ until the ObamaCare takes place . This has to stop at some point because nobody will be able to afford the costs and the insurance industry/economy will be in peril. I’m against this increase, or any increase at these % rates hikes. I hope and pray that you will not be afraid to carry the burden against this for we the people of Iowa. I’m praying to God for Him to help you. A simple NO is all it takes but there will be a storm for you to weather. I want to thank you for all that you do in your job since I know it is a thankless one since you’re in the middle, caught between both sides. Let conscience be your guide with prayer.
    Respectfully yours, Dave Gale Newton, Iowa

  2. iainsuranceca Says:

    I voted against all of this, Obamacare, anything democratic pretty much for this reason alone. I work in the private sector and I am not promised a 15% increase in pay every year nor 3%.
    I knew from the start that Obama Care would make it unattainable for any private insurance to compete. In fact if this is approved, we will be looking into other options such as Obama Care, just as planned by the democrats who set this up.

  3. Terry Says:

    Why is it always the ” individual health insurance base premiums”? Do group policies see these same extreme rate increases? Why is it the health insurance industry is the only one requiring double digit cost increases to it’s consumers annually?

    My own health insurance (not Golden Rule) has risen dramatically the past four years and another 12% increase is pending. Each increase has been followed with more restrictive coverage so I get less yet pay more.

    My annual doctor visits and associated lab tests have had the same billing charges for four years yet insurance premiums have risen 50% during that time. I have also noted that 40% of the billed charge never gets paid because it’s “in plan savings”. The insurance company is paying the same today as four years ago for my covered healthcare costs. Where is the need for double digit increases in premiums?

    If a thorough investigation was conducted by the Commissioner ANY rate increase would be DENIED!

  4. Tracey Fees Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    I cannot be at one of the public meetings, so I will share my thoughts in email. Thanks for your time in reading this!

    I strongly oppose an increase in our rates. We are self-employed. My husband is a Pastor and we may not be able to continue our coverage if the rates pass a certain price point. We have certainly enjoyed our coverage through Golden Rule and have had good service. However, there is only so much money every month…as is the case with most people. We aren’t the people who run to the doctor for every sniffle and sneeze. We are responsible with our medical care and insurance coverage. I understand that more than 12% of this increase is due to those who go to the doctor for every little thing, Instead of increasing rates, maybe the Commissioner should look at revamping all insurance coverage to eliminate the problem of unnecessary doctor visits instead of raising rates for everyone.

    Thanks for hearing me out!

    Tracey Fees

  5. Sharon Lane Says:

    I am strongly against this or any increase. I can’t make the meeting but I would like to know where the increases stop. We couldn’t afford health insurance for the longest time. In 2006 my husband and myself got health insurance, we paid $311.00 a month and had a $5100.00 deductable. We would pay $8832.00 a year before the insurance paid a dime. EVER year since we have had a increase in our monthly premium. Six years later and we are paying $620.40 a month and still have a $5100.00 deductable. The total now being paid $12,544.80 before the insurance pays a dime. I think that before long the health insurance is going to cost more than we make a year. So again, were does it stop?

    Sharon Lane

  6. Carla Ulveling Says:

    I can not attend the meeting, but want to voice my concerns. I strongly oppose an increase in rates. I am self-employed and my husband is unemployed and thus are responsible for all of our health insurance costs. Any increase will leave our family without insurance. We can not afford an increase. Our rates have risen dramatically and our benefits have decreased substantially. Please stop the increases!

    Carla Ulveling

  7. Nicolle Korsness Says:

    To whom it may Concern,

    We too can not attend the meeting and I would like to voice my concern to this increase. We seem to have an increase every year and it’s more stressful each year we get that letter in the mail. We are a struggling middle income family of 6. Our low income entitles our kids to receive HAWK-I, which we pay $20 a mth for. I receive health Care through my employer but my husband has to buy his own health care. He has been with Blue Cross Blue Shield for over 15 year and his premiums have sky rocketed. Right now he is paying a whopping $1,585 every 3 mths. This is killing us and it is so frustrating. We have tried to get a higher deductible to lower but have been told we can not. He has a preexisting condition of high blood pressure. We need help, we work 3 full time jobs to support our family and this just seems unfair and we need advice on how we can lower his premium. Please consider the hard working families who don’t abuse the system. We need help just as much as the company who wants more money from our small hard working family. jl

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