Time Insurance Company 2015 Rate Increase Request

The Iowa Insurance Division has received a request from Time Insurance Company (a subsidiary of Assurant Health) to increase their base rates for the 2015 plan year.  A public rate increase hearing has been scheduled before the Commissioner of Insurance on July 26, 2014 at 10:00 am at the locations below.  Affected Time Insurance Company policyholders and members of the public may submit comments on the proposed rate increase below or contact the Consumer Advocate for insurance.

The Time Insurance Company 2015 Public Rate Increase Hearing Locations:

Mercy College of Health Sciences, Sullivan Center, Room SC-210, 928 6th Ave, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 (Main Location)

Burlington Public Library, 210 Court Street, Iowa 52601

Iowa Central Community College, Liberal Arts Building, Room 204, One Triton Circle, Fort Dodge, IA 50501

Iowa Western Community College, Loft Hall, Room 024, 2700 College Road, Council Bluffs, IA 51502

Kirkwood Community College, Linn Hall, Room 2184, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406

North Iowa Area Community College, Business Incubator Building, Room 128, 500 College Drive, Mason City, IA 50401

Spencer Public Library, 21 East 3rd Street, Spencer, IA 51301


Rate Filing Information:

2015.01.01 – IA Actuarial Cert. 2014.06.02

2015.01.01 IA 2015 RateExhibit.2014.06.02

2015.01.01 IA Appendix A – Rate Development.2014.06.02

2015.01.01 IA Appendix B IM Trend Summary.2014.04.25

2015.01.01 IA AppendixC Plan Portfolio.2014.05.22

2015.01.01 IA Appendix D Plan Design AV


2015.01.01 IA Appendix E – IM Projection

Exhibits.2014.06.02 2015.01.01 IA Cover Letter.2014.06.02

2015.01.01.IA IM HHSPart 3 Memo.2014.06.02

2015.01.01.Part II Written Explanation of the Rate Increase.2014.06.02



Consumer Advocate Report, Public Comments and Testimony

2015 Assurant Hearing Public Testimony and Comments Report


Assurant Hearing Transcripts



One Response to “Time Insurance Company 2015 Rate Increase Request”

  1. Jerry Martin Says:

    I am writing in regards to Assurant Health sending my family a letter regarding base premium rate increases. I looked at your website and saw all of the other insurance companies proposing rate increases as well. I did not see a comment section for Assurant so I chose to email.

    I am sure my comments mirror most others. I don’t want to pay an increase. Our insurance costs have already tripled in the last year and this is already putting a bind on my family’s finances. I am self-employed and my wife raises our three children, one of which has CP and health costs are already very high. Assurant is proposing a 23% increase in base premium. I don’t see how these insurance companies aren’t already making money hand over fist so I don’t feel a rate increase is needed. The entire reason the affordable care act was passed (or pushed on us) was so that everyone would have insurance and that many would have to shoulder the burden for those who are not willing to be responsible for themselves, or are unable to. The insurance companies should be held accountable as well. They need to cut margins and shoulder some of this instead of putting this all on those of us that try to make a living for our families and attempt to save something for retirement so that we won’t have to rely on the government later in our lives.

    Thank you

    Jerry Martin

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