2018 Proposed Gold Rule Rate Increase

Golden Rule Insurance Company (a member of UnitedHealthCare) has requested a 2018 health insurance rate increase averaging 27%.  The proposed rate increase could affect up to 2,344 and would go into effect on January 1, 2018.  The public is welcome to submit comments on the proposed rate increase and may attend the public hearing scheduled on the proposed rate increase at 10 am, on August 26, 2017, in Des Moines or another remote teleconferencing location (locations are provided below).

Hearing Locations

8-26-17 Hearing Locations

Golden Rule Filed Actuarial Memorandum – GRIC Gens 1-27

2018 Rate Increase Hearing Agenda

Golden Rule Rate Filing Observations for 2018

2018 Golden Rule Public Testimony and Comments Report

2018 Rate Increase Hearing Transcript

Decision and Order – Golden Rule


8 Responses to “2018 Proposed Gold Rule Rate Increase”

  1. Dan Says:

    Good afternoon,

    I received a letter today from Golden Rule, United Healthcare, informing myself that rates are going to increase ANOTHER 27% in January, 2018.

    This, after just having my rates increased 7% because of entering a different age bracket.

    Over the last 8 years my premiums have increased over 300%, before taking into account the new 27% increase.

    Enough is enough! The affordable care act was/is a disaster, which has caused millions, like myself, to make decisions on whether to continue paying the extortion imposed by Golden Rule, United Healthcare, or whether to eat.

    Each day I hear from more friends and neighbors that they have dropped coverage completely due to increased prices. They would rather deal with Doctors, hospitals, etc.. themselves than continue paying blood money to their insurance companies.

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Say NO to increased rates. Say NO to insurance companies greed. Iowans & Americans can no longer afford the “affordable care act”.

  2. Greg Duncan Says:

    Dear Insurance Commissioner:

    I am writing in regard to the proposed 27% rate increase I received notice from Golden Rule, my health insurance company. I am self employed so my options for individual coverage for me and my family are limited. These limited insurance options are either too expensive or deny over pre existing conditions. My rate has gone up to $1002 a month with $5000 deductible as a health savings account.

    I feel any additional increase would be difficult for me to keep insurance and we know how the government Affordable healthcare option is imploding.

    I ask that you do not approve this rate increase. Also if you have any suggestions on insurance coverage for me to apply for would be appreciated.


    Greg Duncan/jl
    5119 Davis Street
    Bettendorf, IA 52722

  3. Janee' Gillilland Says:

    Dear Insurance Commissioner:

    This letter is regarding the proposed premium rate increase by Golden Rule, my current insurance provider. I strongly oppose this increase for the following reasons:

    1. Since being insured by GR, I have underutilized my policy due to my excellent health. Because of this, I have received 50% deductible credit for the last several years. Therefore, I disagree with GR’s reason of “Increased Utilization”.
    2. My husband is a recently retired physician, so I know how little physicians are reimbursed from insurance companies, and it decreases each year. This is the main reason why there are very little solo practitioners anymore as it is so difficult to cover operating expenses and navigate through the ever-changing insurance coverages. Also, this is the reason why more and more physicians are refusing to file insurance at all. Therefore, I disagree with GR’s reason of “Increasing Cost of Medical Services”.
    3. I am not a tobacco user, exercise regularly, and maintain a healthy lifestyle overall.
    4. I feel that this proposition might be premature, given the possible changes in insurance competition with our new federal administration.

    Honestly, most physicians would rather go back to the day where they accepted a chicken or chores around their house than deal with insurances at all.


    Janee’ Gillilland
    Bettendorf, Iowa

  4. Richard McDonald Says:

    I recently received a notice of proposed rate increase from Golden Rule
    Insurance. The proposed base premium rate increase is 27%.

    I currently pay $7,272 per year for a $5,000 deductible policy. I have been
    with Golden Rule since 2006. I have never reached my deductible.

    27% seems an excessive increase. I understand that my personal history has
    nothing to do with the rate I have to pay for insurance. I wish it did.

    Health care is a business. How many businesses would survive increasing their
    costs 27%?

    I request that the Iowa Insurance Commission deny or negotiate a more
    reasonable rate increase with Golden Rule.

    Rick McDonald

  5. Judy Schreur & Bob Klein Says:

    To the Iowa Consumer Advocate:

    Golden Rule/UnitedHealthcare Company is asking to raise its rates by 27%. Raising the rates by this much will cause much hardship for us. Currently we are paying $4222.41 per quarter for insurance for the two of us. This means the premiums are $16,889.64 per year or $8450 per person. That is just for the premium. Before we can obtain any healthcare coverage, we also have to pay a deductible of $5800. That means, before insurance pays anything toward our health care, we are currently having to pay $22,689.64 before we see any benefits. If this is increased by 27%, it means an extra $4560 per year, raising the premiums alone to $21,450. Add in the deductible of $5800 and it comes to an unmanageable $27, 250. This would be more than half of our take-home pay and seems an exorbitant price to pay just for insurance. An article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette of June 25, 2017 has a McClatchy Washington Bureau news item that states, from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, that premium increases of more than 20% would make coverage unaffordable. This company is asking for 27% and seems way out of line for the benefits received.

    The company cannot claim that they are not making enough profit since UnitedHealth in 2016 had revenues for one quarter totaling $46.5 billion, an increase of $10 billion over the same time period in 2015. UnitedHealth’s CEO Stephen J. Hemsley is making millions of dollars every year—in 2016 he earned $31,298,553 which is 55.8% more than the year before. If a company can afford to pay their CEO that much, it does not look like they need to raise the premiums even higher for their clients, let alone such a high rate of 27%.

    Why do we not just go without health insurance if it is so expensive? Because we cannot afford to go bankrupt, either, and if there would be a cancer diagnosis in the future, or an accident that requires hospitalization, we would have to have some sort of insurance. If you value the small business people in the state of Iowa, you need to say no to this high of a rate increase.

    Thank you,
    Judy Schreur & Bob Klein

  6. Valerie Natvig Says:

    This is a request to the Iowa Insurance Commissioner to “Deny” the request by Golden Rule to increase its base premium rates by 27%.

    As a long time insured consumer of Golden Rule we have seen our premiums increase continually.

    The only option we had was to lower our premium by taking a higher deductible which can only be done (or ) changed once during the life of he policy.

    Therefore, what benefit was it to us as a consumer to do this when we are returned to a higher premium rate requested by Golden Rule.

    What needs to be investigated is what the hospitals/doctors and other medical facilities are charging the insurance companies.

    When a doctor request a blood test it can cost $359.50 and after allowances you as a consumer have been billed an ending amount due of $290.48.

    However, you as a consumer can go to a wellness center and get a complete community wellness panel that you the (consumer) pay out o-of-pocket for $45.00. Isn’t this a savings for you the consumer and the Insurance Company?

    Also, what about how when you go to the doctor for a consultation and you the consumer are charge for the doctor (professional) and (facility), which means the room/equipment/computer/staff/air-system to globally keep the hospital running…who does this benefit?

    In the end the hospitals/ doctors and other medical facilitates pass their cost onto the insurance company.

    The insurance company passes the cost onto the insured customer.

    Who does the consumer/ insured customer pass the cost to …no one because the bill stops here!!!

    Valerie Natvig

  7. Judy Schreur Says:

    To the Commissioner of Insurance for Iowa:

    This morning we attended the public comment session on Golden Rule’s proposed rate increase. We found it interesting that the IID has already proposed that the rate be decreased to 22% from 27% as the 27% proposal was far too high. We submit that the 22% increase is still too high. The papers we were given stated that this would increase the average Golden Rule premium by $50. We don’t know where that figure comes from since for us, even a
    22% increase would mean an increase in quarterly premium payments of $928.93. This translates to $327.64 per month for the two of us, or $163.83 per person per month. This is more than three times the $50 quoted. As you can imagine, an increase of this amount per month per person for a self-employed person is untenable. Golden Rule’s spokesperson stated that they are doing all that they can to insure that their policy holders are healthy. We are not sure how they are doing that since the only correspondence we receive are our bills, statements required by the ACA, and notices of rate increases. They do not do anything like Blue Cross/Blue Shield with their Blue Zones, or even any information
    about healthy eating, lifestyle choices, etc. Her statement did not contain any information about why this exorbitant amount of an increase is necessary.
    We know that in our family, we rarely meet the deductible—in the 14 years that we have been policy holders, we have meet the deductible 3 times, which is currently $5800. We have not been a drain on the company’s loss ratio.

    Judy Schreur & Bob Klein

  8. Cindy Boender Says:

    My husband and I are self-employed and in our 50’s. We’ve been with Golden Rule about 4 years. Every year the premiums have gone up. They went way up in 2015, and it just keeps going. It’s just un-doable. These increases are out of control, we won’t be able to afford the premiums. A couple of years ago we paid $3200 a year, and now it’s up to $12,000 a year. That’s a 375% increase!

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