2018 Small Group Rate Increase Filing Applications


Aetna has requested small group rate increases of 45.6% for Aetna Health of Iowa Inc. and 48.16% for Aetna Life Insurance Company.

Aetna Health of Iowa Actuarial Filing

Aetna Life Insurance Company Actuarial Filing


UnitedHealthCare has requested small group rate increases for UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company at 5.4% and UnitedHealthcare Plan of the River Valley, Inc. 2.1%.  Two of UnitedHealthcare’s products have increases of over 10%.



Avera Health Plans Inc.

Avera is requesting a rate increase averaging 14.7% for Avera Health Plans’ small group business.

Rate Filing Materials

SG 2018 OFF ON HIX ACA compliant tracking


Wellmark, Inc. and its subsidiaries have requested the following small group rate increases.

2018 Rate Increase Info by Metallic

2018 SG Synergy Parts I, II, III

2018 SG Value Health Part I, III

2018 SG Wellmark, Inc. Part I, II, III

2018 SG WHPI Parts I, II, III

Gundersen Health Plan (Quartz)

Gundersen Health Plan is seeking a small group rate change from -13.5 to an increase of 13.6% depending on the plan.

Rate Filing for Gundersen Small Group Plans



One Response to “2018 Small Group Rate Increase Filing Applications”

  1. Terry Says:

    Aetna – 46% & 48% increases! This is the most absurd thing I’ve heard in years. Outrageous! Increases such as these cannot be justified by any rational means! Filings like this are an indicator of consumer fraud and should be investigated as such.

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