2018 Medica Insurance Proposed Rate Increase

Medica Insurance Company has requested an average rate increase of 32.5-48.1%.  A hearing on Medica’s proposed rate increase will be held on August 26, 2017, at 10 am.  The proposed rate increase hearing locations and proposed rate increase filings can be found below.

8-26-17 Hearing Locations

IA MIC URRT Compilation 2017.06.23


21 Responses to “2018 Medica Insurance Proposed Rate Increase”

  1. grace fox Says:

    From what I have read, Medica will be the ONLY insurance company left for obamacare in 2018..there will not be a choice for us and I sincerely hope you do NOT allow an increase. I can’t afford it as it is.

  2. anne hankel Says:

    Please deny and rate increases! We can barely make the monthly payment now, and any increase would be truly be a hardship, as we are living on a limited income. We must have health insurance,but we need to be able to afford it also.

  3. Jon Reiner Says:

    I can’t take this rate hike increase. Somehow I knew that it would be just pass the buck. I can’t afford it. I applied for disability, but the judge said my settlement would last into December 2017. I’m down to $4000 to last the rest of this year. No way I can handle this increase. I’m going to have to go without insurance.

  4. Christy Schmitt Says:

    I’m calling about a letter I received about Medica insurance rates going up. I’m very concerned. The premiums would go up by $500 for my husband’s policy. We already pay $1120 a month – that’s more than his social security. I don’t know where I could come up with an extra $500 a month. I already took a second job even though I’m in poor health, to pay for his current coverage. My husband worked in construction and had to retire early due to injuries from the job. He won’t be eligible for Medicare until April 2018. Please say no to the requested increase. We don’t have any options to make the extra payments.

  5. Mary Elizabeth Skeate Says:

    My difficulty is that I’m disabled and unemployed. I’m recently widowed, and I live at an assisted living facility. I like the Medica insurance plan which I got after my husband’s insurance ended, but I can’t afford any increases. I can afford the current payments, but anything more would be a hardship. Please say no to any increases. Thank you.

  6. Elizabeth Moore Says:

    To Whom It May Concern,

    It has in been my experience that this is how the system works; health insurance companies will increases their rates due to “medical cost increases”, then the cost of medical care increases due to “insurance rate increases”, after that insurance companies then ask for another increase. It’s a never ending cycle of greed.

    I have Medica not only for their low premiums but also for their awesome coverage. My main focus was looking for an insurance company that focuses on women’s health and services and Medica has definitely provided that for me.

    My husband and I both have jobs, we both work full time, they offer health insurance though they only offer the bare necessities and its twice as much as what I pay for my insurance now, and instead of a payment once month it would come out every pay check (we get paid bi-weekly) and in our situation we need as much of our paychecks as we can keep.

    PLEASE DO NOT RAISE THE PREMIUM RATE. This company is wonderful and it’s hard enough to find an insurance company who is willing to offer great coverage without sacrificing an arm and a leg. Most others companies offer half the coverage for double the cost.

    Thank you.

  7. Eileen McGuire Says:

    I am extremely concerned that they are asking for a 43.5% increase. I can barely afford to pay for insurance now and if they are going to get an increase like that, it will be a decision between insurance, taxes, and food for some people. If they get that much this year, are they going to ask for more next year? I understand that they are the only company willing to offer service in our state, which is bull___, but can we afford to dump the cost on the poorest?

  8. Cindy Hemm Says:

    I am a single policy holder with Medica and am 60 years old. I am glad that Medica decided not to pull out of Iowa and leave us with no providers for single insurance care. However, I already pay almost $1000.00 per month now for insurance and this is by no means the top-of-the-line policy.
    A 43% increase will price me out of being able to afford single care insurance and yet I do not qualify for government assistance. I know the whole insurance thing right now is out of control. Obamacare needs some fixing, but the Republican proposals are not the answer. Surely there is something that can be done to fix this without making premiums for single policy holders between 55 and 64 totally unaffordable.

  9. Kathy Vince Says:

    I currently pay $1000.00 a month in premiums for my son and I. Dental is over that for another plan.I had to meet his $7,000.00 deductible before much assistance from Medica. I have not yet reached mine. I make $15.00 an hour. I can not afford an increase of any sort.
    Thank you,

    Kathy Vince

  10. Renee Says:

    I have some questions to ask about Medica’s proposed 43.5% increase. 1. Are all the proposed increases due to people losing their providers? As I understand it, Medica is the last remaining provider in Iowa for the Affordable Care Act. 2. What exactly is the Federal Health insurer fee? Is that a fancy term for something else? I wish our insurance could be more streamlined per individual. 3. After a certain age do I need to pay for maternity or child coverage anymore? If you could customize policies like auto insurance does, a healthier person could qualify for lower premiums. I barely use my insurance, and I have an $8000 deductible. 4.The insurance companies don’t care when costs rise for prescription and hospital bills, why should they, they just pass it along? I think for them it’s just about the money. I also wish federal government employees had to have the coverage we’ve been forced into. Then maybe they’d understand what it’s like to pay so much and receive little/nothing in return. We can’t even find policies on the individual market at all- what will happen if Medica leaves and there is no one to provide insurance for self-employed farmers, small business people, and other Iowans?

  11. Brenda Grindell Says:

    To Whomever it may Concern,

    I am so upset by a letter I received in the mail stating that Medica wants to increase my insurance rate by 48 percent for next year. This seemed outrageous to me! I read it a second time to make sure I read it correctly. That would make my monthly payments roughly $500 dollars per month. That’s as much as a mortgage payment! I am currently working 2 part time jobs and with the rate increase I will be working solely to pay my insurance. My husbands wage will need to cover his insurance as well as all of our other living expenses and that is just not possible. I don’t even feel like the increase will benefit Medica. All it will cause is more people to opt out of buying insurance because it is just not affordable and then Medica will want to keep increasing the rate every year. I understand a small rate increase such as 12 or 18 percent but a rate increase of 48 percent is not affordable to most people.
    Thank you in advance for your consideration.
    Brenda Bennett

  12. Dorothy Lifka Says:

    Dear Commissioner Ommen,

    My husband and I are two of tens of thousands of Iowans who may be without
    affordable health insurance on January 1, 2018. I am self employed and my
    husband is semi-retired. We currently pay about $1100/month for a policy with
    high deductibles. Even if Medica offers individual policies next year, a 45%
    increase in costs would be challenging financially.
    I believe that there is a better and easier solution. Why can’t we buy into
    Medicaid? The Iowa MCAs are suffering because they are serving a population
    which tends to have fewer resources and higher needs. We have greater
    resources and fewer needs. Even if we continued to pay similarly high
    premiums with similarly high deductibles, avoiding an increase would be
    worth it.
    Dorothy Lifka

  13. Mary McAllister Says:

    Good Morning – We are currently carrying a Plan with Medica. The rates per month are quite high. Although we understand the need for a business to make a profit, and increase in premiums of 43.5% seem unreasonable. Please use your good judgment in determining an appropriate rate increase. Thank you.
    Mary McAllister

  14. Maria Watkins Says:

    Please help Iowans as the rise in insurance premiums for 2018 under Obamacare
    the company Medica is raising the premiums by 43%, I ask you how is that
    affordable. Currently I pay $239 a month for insurance for myself and my
    husband through ACA. Add 43% that is $341 a month, I cannot afford that, it
    is way over my budget. I also have two children that are on Hawki insurance.
    Something needs to be done about this. Iowa needs to make an example so
    that other states can follow it.

  15. Julie Florian Says:

    I am writing to comment on the proposed base premium rate increase to my Medica health insurance.

    I strictly oppose the increase. The burden of high premiums, high deductible is taking a toll on our financial wellbeing. Just because we make slightly over the $63,000 subsidy amount doesn’t mean we have the money for over a $4000 increase to an already high premium. I have paid for health insurance my whole lire and now when I need it I have to pay outrageous prices. I oppose the increase.

  16. John Mc Donald Says:

    Even if Wellmark and Atena return to the Individual health care market and Medica remains its hardly a competitive environment. Insurance companies set the price, health care providers get paid, and working Iowans are forced to pay the sky high bill(s).

    Make no mistake thousands of Iowans opposed health insurance premium increases requested now by Medica to no avail.

    Its now time that the USA joins the rest of the world and adopt a single payer health system. Next election vote for candidates supporting the basic necessity of affordable health care.

  17. Jan Rychnovsky Says:

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I am a 61 yr. old retired teacher who understands what insurance should be used for, and I do my best to live a healthy lifestyle. I was forced to pay ridiculously high rates in my ‘group insurance’ through my school, but after retirement, I researched my options and chose the ACA. I have always carried a high deductible, and even with that, my insurance through school was over $600.00 for single coverage! (And this was my reward for being healthy)
    I pay $ 240.00, now, and carry a high deductible. I am able to see the providers of my choice.

    I was given notice by Medica that they want to raise the base by 43.5%! This is ridiculous.

    They are citing medial inflation, market morbidity and the reinstatement of the Fed. Health Insurer Fee. Additionally, to cover the bases in case the base rate hike does not pass, they have also sited some reasons to increase the insurance that do not apply to me at all.

    When are the elected officials going to realize they have caused this mess? By constantly stating ‘Obama Care is collapsing,’ they have given free-reign to the insurance companies. These companies, making millions of dollars, and rewarding their CEOs with obsenely high salary INCREASES, now have the blessing of the government to do whatever they want to do.

    I strongly oppose this huge proposed rate increase, and I hope the people who were elected to represent US, stand up to the bully insurance companies.


    Jan Rychnovsky

  18. Jenny Werner Says:

    I oppose a rate increase, but would be willing to tolerate some increase if the deductibles could remain low or become lower. $500 is reasonable for a yearly deducible in my opinion..

  19. Shari Rusher Says:

    Dear Doug, Please do not let the only insurance left in Iowa raise their premiums. We pay close to five hundred to cover my husband and one child. How can this be right to expect us to pay close to 900 a month for medical insurance. We are healthy and never go to the doctor. I have insurance through my employer. Self employed are getting hit hard. The people who don’t work get free or reduced rates and people who work are penalized by huge premiums. Please help the self insured who work and need medical insurance that does not cost more than a house payment.

  20. Joyce Martin Says:

    My complaint is now I struggle to make the premiums I’m paying. I have a limited income, and I pay quite a bit back to the state in taxes. I struggle every month just to pay the premium now. I’m on several medications and the out of pocket expense is astronomical. Monthly I pay at least $150 at the pharmacy. I’ve always worked. People in my age bracket aren’t able to work a full time job because of our health but we’re not old enough for Medicare. I feel like I’m being penalized for working rather than being on disability. I work a part time job in addition to my small business. COPD & rheumatoid arthritis will not permit me to continue working but I refuse to take a government handout. Please don’t increase my premium payments.

  21. Julie Carlson Says:

    I have Medica insurance right now and I got their letter about their proposed 43.5% increase. I would like to comment about that increase. I understand that they probably need the increase but I think that 43.5% is way out of line. I think for the people who have Obamacare insurance right now, the whole point of it was to have insurance that was affordable and people would be able to pay for the premiums. With a 34.5% increase, that is going to make it very unaffordable and probably impossible for people, including me. So again, I am against the requested increase of premium rates.

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